Top E-cigarettes brands

Being an e cigarette smokers, we tend to have the best electronic cigarette brands available in the market for us to use as this is also the matter of our health. There are various electronic cigarettes brands which are presented by famous firms and people are using these brands according to their choices.

So you decided to take up electronic cigarettes and now your searching for the best brands or what you should perhaps try first.

What qualifies us? 


Our team combined has vaped more than 50 different companies, and while you may think that’s a lot… there’s more and more popping up each day, whether they are made here in the USA or overseas in China there are lots of factors that make a good e-cig. We’ve all been slaves to nicotine for a very long time, we know what you are dealing with. Whether you need to kick the bad habit or it’s a loved one and your shopping around for them; our reviews can help you make a thought out educated decision.

Yes, we do make affiliate commissions just like everyone else does on the other websites you may have landed upon, but our reviews are not skewed to “commissions” like others are. We know for a fact other websites will recommend certain companies because they get paid more to. We don’t! We highly recommend Halo as our favorite because it is our favorite, while we get a commission from them we actually get less from them than we would say Green Smoke with their more expensive kits. We believe in honest unbiased reviews and we only use the commissions to fund this project and to continue testing. So if you find this website useful please use our links in support. I thought it was important to educate you on this matter as I see it being abused and I don’t want to mention other websites that just care about making money.

Most important factors

  •  Vape quality/production/flavor
  • Build quality
  • Selection of available products
  • Affordability
  • Customer service/company reputation

Electronic cigarettes come in different forms.

  • E-Cigarettes:  Most common for beginners which most of the brands on this page are dedicated to
  • E-MODs: Generally 510 style batteries, where you can use different types of tanks from clearomizers, drip tanks etc.
  • Mechanical Mods: these are MODS that don’t have electronic voltage/watt restrictions

Therefore the focus of this page is to get you started and to stop smoking tobacco some of the recommendations are simple E MODS but only ones good for beginners.

The Best and Worst E-Cigarettes of 2014

You are safe to try any of these

Halo Cigs[1]Visit Halo Electronic Cigarettes

  • Rated #1 by PCMAG
  • Great battery life
  • Cutting edge design
  • Manual battery produces as much vapor as some high end MODS
  • Juices are highest quality and best flavor
  • Save money with refillable tanks
  • Best Flavors Captian Jack, Torque and Tribeca
  • Best Starter kit Jet Black Triton Tank Kit – $64.99


V2 Cigs

Visit V2 Cigs – coupon code “V2discount8006″

Read Full Review

  • Great overall product
  • Save money by buying refillable tanks
  • Descent Flavors
  • Best Cigarette looking type E-cig
  • Rechargeable Case
  • Best Flavor V2 Red
  • Best Kit V2 Liquid Starter Kit $82.97
  • 4.2 V battery – higher than industry standard – Recommend Manual Battery
  • Cartridges doesn’t taste as good as using tanks
  • Affordable but not the cheapest


Vapor Zone

Visit Vapor Zone10% off Coupon Link

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  • Massive selection of e-liquids
  • Easy way to start with basic Mods
  • High quality batteries and builds
  • Variable voltage, puff counters, eGo style batteries
  • Somewhat overpriced
  • Variable voltage only available on top model
South Beach Smoke

Visit Official Website

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  • American made
  • Available high capacity SuperMax Deluxe Lithium ion battery
  • Refillable cartridges
  • Manual and automatic batteries available
  • Fair market affordability
  • 55 different flavors
  • Great support and fast delivery
  • Probably best vapor production from a cigarette style e-cig
  • Recommend getting South beach Air
  • only one vaporizer avialable
  • no variable voltages

Green Smoke

Visit WebsiteUse coupon link safe 10%

– Read Review

*We recommend Green Smoke even though they are limited in what they provide, but they have a unique flavor to them that makes them very desirable*

  • Great Refined flavors
  • Amazing vapor production
  • Silent draw on advanced battery technology
  • Not enough flavors to choose from – but improved from 5 to 8
  • Best Flavor is tobacco red, mocha
  • Way over priced – But great discounts if you continue to order
  • No manual batteries
  • No refillable options

Bull Smoke

Visit Website – 10% Coupon code “ridethebull

*Bull smoke doesn’t even come close to competing with Halo cigs but if you like V2 cigs, you will be surprised how identical these companies are. We think they might be a white label version of V2 but with better support and value.

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  • Cheap Affordable Pricing
  • Fastest shipping we’ve ever had
  • Amazing customer support
  • Made in the USA
  • Manual batteries available
  • Best Flavor American Ranger
  • Limited Flavors
  • No refillable tanks

 Worst – Brands that aren’t worthy of your money

Blu Cigs
  • Pure VG Juice Poor selection
  • Over priced
  • Flavorless
Victory Ecigs
  • Short cutoff
  • low power
  • hidden monthly contracts
  •  horrible vapor production
  • would be top of my list of the worst. I ordered two within a 1 week time frame-the first one arrived cracked and never could get the menu system to work like the instructions claimed it would. The 2nd one lasted 2 days before it cracked right above the screw on cap. It cracked while being unscrewed to change out battery.
21st century smoke
  • I have taken several of these apart to find it isn’t the actual batteries that fail but the vacuum switches.

all the vacuum style(automatic) batts have the same issues in my findings they can’t handle the vacuum pressure put on them.

Here’s some of the important FAQ about e-cigarettes in 2014





What e-cig brands are considered best

In terms of cigarette looking e-cigarettes that use two pieces only a cartomizer and a battery V2 cigs are our favorite and favorite among majority of beginners.V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs brand is liked by majority of people because of wide range of accessories, refillable e-juice cartridges, affordable pricing, reliable customer service. People can get this brand from the market with satisfaction as 30 days money back warranty is offered to all customers. They provide excellent customer support and keep customers views and need in their future product enhancement.

With a wide range of e-juice flavors available and also the use of blank cartomizers that you can easily refill make them an attractive company to start testing out.

Read our full V2 review here>>

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More Expensive Taste

The second company I recommend trying is Green Smoke. This is a completely different style of flavor and it’s usually the people that don’t like V2 cigs end up like Green Smoke. They are more expensive, non refillable (technically) but they have some really good vapor production and flavor that is very smooth. They don’t have a manual battery which is a downfall but if you liked smoking a high quality cigarette before than you might like to try this brand as it’s higher end quality.

Read our full Green smoke review here >>Green Smoke Pro kit

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 Better yet..

I’ve personally ditched the cigarette style and went over to a Vapor Zone Pro Kit, it’s only $49.99 and what you get is “freedom”. I hate having to be told what company I need to buy e-juices from and buying cartridges is expensive and annoying.  Make the switch to something refillable, it’ll be better in the short and long run. Don’t be a slave to cartridges.. it’s not the way to go. There’s obviously higher end electronic mods out such as a favorite of mine from Innokin called the ITaste, but starting out you want an easy to use starter kit like the Pro kitVaporZone-Pro-Kit. Vapor zone is a highly reputable company with a very wide selection of ejuices and superior quality. The Pro Kit is an easy low cost entry to vaping and you can get a higher end one like the Jet if you’d like but If you are going to spend more than $100 or so just get the Innokin Itaste. It’s made in China but it won’t let you down if you have the budget for it because it has 6 volts where as the best product from Vapor Zone is just 4.5v and that’s not high enough for the serious users. Plus if you want to experiment with different atomizers and tanks, the the Itaste is where to start

Read our full Vapor Zone Review Here>>

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Which produce the most vapor?

This actually depends on what you mean by vapor? either you want to know about thickness of the vapor ie. it lingers around for a longer time or about the device can produce.

In the first instance getting a thicker vapor is cause by the company to use a higher ratio of (VG) vegetable glycerin to (PG) propylene glycol.  I personally only like 10-20% VG because of the flavoring of it is not as rich as in PG but VG has a thicker  clouds of “smoke” produced.  Blu Cigs actually uses 100% Wisconsin Made Johnson Creek Smoke E-juice so they tend to create billows of smoke, but the flavor isn’t there. I actually taste very little when vaping Blu Cigs. You can read more on Blu cigs here.

The other way to get more vapor production is by voltage,  so you can basically ignore the differences between the simple types of e-cigarette batteries such as 306 vs 808 vs 801 vs 510 and 901′s which I do like.. But this comes down to a wattage game.

Take the voltage of your battery, most eGo kits will be advertised as 3.7v which start at 4.2v charged then dwindle down to about 3.2v.

To find the wattage you square the voltage so… 3.7 x 3.7 = 13.69 and then you divide it by 2 to get the watts 13.69/2 = 6.8W.itaste-vtr This is the typical range of most starter kits and it’s above that of a e-cigarette kit like V2 or Green smoke. So experienced users tend to switch to a variable voltage device I recommend the Innokin Itaste VTR which produces 6 volts or 16 watts. This beast will bellow anything you put into the device. This will produce the higher wattage giving you higher nicotine


Variable Voltage: 3.0 – 6.0 volts
Variable Wattage: 3.0 – 15.0 W Short Circuit Protection




Are they Effective?

Yes, electronic cigarettes are far more safe than cigarettes and are an effective nicotine replacement therapy to help you quit tobacco.

There’s a lot of bad press of course in the media about e-cig companies and it’s a legalistic issue, nothing else. In the USA, smoking devices have to go through the FDA approval and electronic cigarettes have not done so yet.  So technically suppliers can not call it a smoking cessation product. Other wise they would get a warning like this from the

However all this legal requirements don’t change the fact that electronic cigarettes are a nicotine replacement just like the patch, gum, lozenges etc. We don’t have the exact numbers but more people are having success with e-cigs than using any other method whether the FDA likes it or not.


Which brands use the safest ingredients?

With the bulk of electronic cigarette companies getting their VG and PG juices from China, it’s hard to control the quality of the brands. Using a brand that is reputable and produced in the US is your best choice.

here’s a quote from V2 Cigs

The final stages of the manufacturing process, and all quality control and liquid testing is done right here in Miami, Florida… we also own our own factory abroad, which is managed entirely by Americans.

Our Juice contains 3 primary ingredients; Propylene Glycol, Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine (usually sourced in Europe), and Food Grade Flavoring (their are other ingredients in the flavor compounds, but that is different for each flavor)…. also note, that after you heat up the liquid it evaporates, so you are actually breathing in flavored water vapor with nicotine.

As a final note on this subject… V2 Nicotine Products are intended as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. As a general rule, it is probably better to breath air than to breath in E-Cig vapor, but our products are not intended for all air breathers, our products are intended to help people quit smoking, and when compared with the harmful and toxic effects of cigarette smoke the results are night and day.

To be worried about e-cigs, when you are smoking real cigarettes, is comparable to ordering a “diet” coke with 2 bacon double whoppers. Don’t sweat the small stuff, kill the smoke, before it kills you!

With a cigarette you are exposing your mouth, throat, and lungs to thousands of toxins, many of which are extremely carcinogenic, like Carbon Monoxide and Tar. Electronic Cigarettes do not contain these things!

Read our full review here>>

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Can the government ban the online sale of e-cigarettes

It’s certainly within the authority of the Federal government to restrict or ban the online sale of electronic cigarettes, though there would have to be some rational basis upon which to do so.  It’s far more likely that state regulations will be in place before any Federal action is taken. We doubt they would ever ban e-cigs but more likely try to tax them more likely in the next couple of years.

What’s it like to smoke an Vapor cig?

The sensation you will get from an e-cig is different than that of a cigarette. At first you may find them harsh, and even may get a headache from the change in delivery of nicotine. But you will get used to that in a matter of days. You find them dramatically better than tobacco very quickly, with so many different flavors and harshness levels available.  They tend to range from smooth and mild flavors like Green Smoke to harsher throat hits like South Beach Smoke. You’ll have something like V2 cigs in the middle and a variable voltage device like Innokin iTaste VTR for the ultimate vaping experience. I didn’t try it for the longest time until I had a friend use one, then I tried and never looked back. I’m confident you’ll be the same way.

Is second hand vapor harmful?

No, you should not be worried, the vapor before it is inhaled is between 100 and 1000 times less toxic than the side-stream smoke from a cigarette. After it has been exhaled there is even less of the (very few) active chemicals left.
It would be more worrying to be in a night-club where a “smoke machine” is in use, this uses the same base chemicals and is almost impossible to avoid. But that is rated as harmless – so basically NO!, there is no need to worry at all, and if it improves your colleagues temper/attitude, then it is a definite plus.